The Fabulous Four

Should mental health be considered an absence of mental pain? We have meticulously crafted a society to believe that emotional distress is undesirable and can be managed with a daily swallow. Doctors, therapists, and psychiatrists are writing death notes on their Rx pads. Anyone who knows the science behind it knows that with an over 70% placebo rate, you’re not conducting “science”, you’re lying to people. How much of our suffering comes from our attempts to avoid mental distress, rather than believing we can actually allow and tolerate our difficulties? You’re convincing people they are broken, sick, and chemically imbalanced. You’re medicating toddlers, young adults, and parents. When you convince a teenager that this pill will level out her emotions, she will go her whole life thinking she is sick. You damage the biochemistry of brains that are still developing. And god forbid she grows up to go to nursing school and gets a degree in psychology, because she will know the placebo rate and know the biochemistry behind herself and that pill. She might ultimately decide to stop taking medications, because she wants to live how she was truly meant to and begin to tolerate the difficult experiences. And then, the past 10+ years of mental biochemical warfare truly unleashes through her soul.

“I feel like my brain is broken”, is what she will say during her final days.


The world without Jen…just doesn’t seem logical. I lost one of my Fabulous Five. She had a genuine heart of gold. Genius. Jack of all trades, master of all. She would never have agreed, describing her as humble would be an understatement. No one can convince me that this was a “coward’s way”. No one can fathom the deeply rooted pain that permeated her soul into leaving her family behind. No one alive can know a pain that deep. You’re a woman of many, many eloquent words…they will forever resonate along with your stunning smile, contagious laugh, and perfect boobies. ❤

“You are a sum of the 5 people you surround yourself with the most.”

I will love you always and forever, Jen.


3 thoughts on “The Fabulous Four

  1. I saw this reposted… I don’t know who you are but I do know Jen… The world isn’t quite as bright as it was before… Jen had the talent and strength of 1000 women. She lived and loved fully, she was an absolute superhero in life, taking on so much more than I could imagine, and her beauty could not be ignored, crazy intelligent and blissfully outspoken. The type of gal you meet and instantly want to be friends with because you know you’ll never meet another like her… Her absence is shocking and leaves many with an aching heart. Anyone daring enough to call Jen a coward certainly didn’t know her… She is anything but that. I hope her heart mind and soul are at peace guiding her sweet babies from within them… May they have her strength. You are loved and missed by many, till next time Jen 💚

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