Whether I like it or not, it is time for transition now. I have often wondered what the next chapter or milestone in my life will consist of, and it really feels like I have spent more time daydreaming like an adolescent than making forward steps towards my passions and dreams. Lately I feel I have sort of lost my pizzaz, my energy, and my drive to experience the thrill of life that I have often sought in the past. So here I am now,  laying down a new roadmap and a new flight plan to my future aspirations.

My premier post: The Bucket List.

  1. Create a blog
  2. Learn how to dance (super sexy)
  3. Run a Half-Marathon
  4. Run a Marathon
  5. Compete in a Triathlon
  6. Travel to every continent
    -South America
  7. Learn to meditate
  8. Become fluent in Spanish
  9. Have a 6-pack
  10. Master the butterfly stroke
  11. WWOOF
  12. Get published in a science journal
  13. Scuba dive
  14. Create my family tree
  15. Win a chess game for once…
  16. Get a PhD
  17. Help someone else fulfill a goal 

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